Stellar systems could exchange the building elements of life. Credit: NASA
Panspermia at galactic scale: could Milky Way spread life? - science news

The Panspermia theory claims that life may be spread throughout the universe by astronomical objects, such as asteroids.

Now, a new study tried to understand if panspermia could be possible on a galactic scale.
The study used a theoretical model to determine how likely it is that objects are being exchanged between star systems on a galactic scale. The model predicted that, even in the worst cases scenarios, Milky Way could be exchanging biotic components across vast distances.

Thus, the study concluded that panspermia is viable on galactic scales, and even between galaxies. In principle, life could even be transferred between galaxies, since some stars escape from the Milky Way,” said Abraham Loeb, one of the authors.

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Scientific publication: Arxiv