A steady flow of beer could keep a civilization alive.
Want a stable society? Keep the beer flowing- intersting science news

Archeologists are studying the Wari culture which lasted for 500 years from 600-11100 AD and this is a pretty long time for an empire to stay intact. A recently published study argues that one important factor that might have helped is a steady supply of beer.

Studying an ancient Wari brewery tells us that the beer called ‘chicha’ used to be produced there but it could remain good for just a week and hence people had to come to the brewery to drink it. These festivals were central to the Wari culture and around 200 local political elites would attend. People would come to this site and to reaffirm their affiliation to the lords would bring tributes and pledge loyalty to Wari.

The scientists state that this steady supply of beer kept the Wari society stable and engendered unity amongst all these populations.

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