Moros intrepidus, the earliest known Tyrannosaur in North America living 96 million years ago. Image: Jorge Gonzalez
Tiny Tyrannosaur discovered, the earliest in North America - dinosaur short science news

In what is now Utah, scientists have found the fossil remains of a small tyrannosaur who lived about 96 million years ago.

This new species, named Moros intrepidus, was up to four feet tall at the hip, and despite its relatively small size, must have been a formidable predator.

When placing Moros in the Tyrannosaur family tree, scientists found that they are mostly related to Asian dinosaurs that migrated to North America. Also, the newly discovered species fills a gap in fossil records of 70 million years preceding the rise to power of Tyrannosaurs that apparently took less than 15 million years.

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