We are scientists, and we understand how science works. We love science, however, as many have noted before, we see that often science is not well communicated with people outside a narrow, specialized community. Even when it is, the language used is often too technical for the general public to understand. So, we decide to take matters into our own hands, to help a little with explaining and communicating science, for everyone to understand.

This is what we do! We explain what is new in various fields of science in a quick, easy and understandable fashion. With every article we provide the possibility to follow the story in detail, or even read the scientific paper and judge for yourself! We write daily brief science news, but also longer science articles. If you would like to know more, click here to read about our mission.

Now, let us introduce the team:  

Erwin van den Burg 


The rich variety of life forms and the vast repertoire of strategies plants and animals have evolved to survive and reproduce in even the most hostile of environments have always fascinated me. No wonder that I have studied biology, the science of life, to understand more about life in health and disease. My fields of study have been immunology, toxicology, endocrinology and especially neuroscience, while reserving ecology for my spare time. I try to show the beauty of the biosciences and nature to those without a scientific background with Sciencebriefss and the Biosphere Science Foundation in The Netherlands, of which I am one of the co-founders.

Kshitij Jadhav


Namaste… This is Kshitij here! I am a neuroscience PhD research fellow. Originally from India, I am a trained physician, but have always been more interested in fundamental brain research, which got me to Switzerland. I know how overwhelming it is with the amount of information internet throws at us and in the process, we could end up losing those science updates which are truly important for us. That’s why we came up with ScienceBriefss so that you can briefly skimp through the summary before deciding if you really want to read the entire story.